Panel is an independent curatorial practice led by Catriona Duffy and Lucy McEachan. Based in Glasgow, Panel promotes design in relation to particular histories, archives and collections through exhibitions, events and cultural projects. Our programme engages designers and public audiences and also makes connections with practitioners and institutions whose work extends into visual arts, craft and other cultural contexts and frameworks. 

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    “…An absorbing and beautiful account of fabric, fashion and Scotland and the stories that bind them together.”

    Visitor to The Inventors of Tradition (2011)

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    “Panel does crucial work in supporting an understanding of design in Scotland…I look forward to collaborating with Panel and others in the future, to ensure that the culture of design continues to thrive.”

    Christopher Breward, Principle, Edinburgh College of Art (2014)

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    “Excellently curated by Panel, the exhibition casts designers as artists, and artists as writers and performers and examines the role of research and the archive in relation to them all. The show is the latest in a sequence of successful exhibitions curated and coordinated by Panel, non of them afraid to ask where the line between art and design starts and ends.”

    Grafik Magazine, Review, The Persistence of Type (2015)